Photocare established in 1995 Udaipur (Rajasthan) based company, Specialize in Cinematic wedding film and candid photography Make aim to delivering a unique, expressive portfolio that captures the events best moments & memories.

Our Expertise in the domain armed with Craftsmanship and mordenize hi-end technology help us to cover the entire event holistically in accordance with the theme of junction and through our pictures and Movie that invokes the same purity of feeling that once was the integral part of Ceremony

Photographer & Designer
We don’t just capture, your event only. We capture moments,the emotions and the Liveline our Style of work is Candid and artistic in nature If you want Visually stunning Pictures potrait emotions,feelirgs,energy,Chaos from one of the most special days of your life. never come again.

Mr. Dilip Balchandani
+91 9351888276, +91 9413422650
Editor & Cinematographer
“Cinematographer” has a Different meaning in the wedding world than in film & TV.1n Film n TV it’s the person responsible for the looks of the movie and for translating the director’s vision into reality.The cinematographer sets up the Light,runs the camera crew,thinks about all the technical aspects of capturing an image and either operates the camera or oversees its operation.But in wedding world CINEMATOGRAPHER is back formation from cinematic and just means”Someone who produce WEDDING VIDEOS that look like CINEMA”

Mr. Vinod Balchandani
+91 9414166032